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Invincible Ascension (Take 4)

Invincible Ascension (Take 4) - David Adeyemi
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 ''Invincible Ascension'' (Take 4) is a heroic, powerful, and exhilirating piece composed for 65-piece symphony orchestra. With its uplifting skyward-soaring strings, bold brass themes, march-like rhythm and prevelant harp glassandi in its orchestration, the music conveys a dichotomy between an inherent sense of indomitable resolve, and sheer terror realised in a reluctant protagonist reaching the zenith of their capabilities to harness a frightening power - a power simultaneously encompassing the duality of an invincible protector, and that of malevolent destruction. The sound recording of this cue
is available for master and synch licensing opportunities. 

Recorded by the Armenian Symphony Orchestra. Conducted By Harutyun Arzumanyan.
Music Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by David Adeyemi. Video edited by David Adeyemi.

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