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Vigilant Guardian (No Percussion)

  The video above displays the exact same track as Vigilant Guardian, excluding percussion and harp.
'Vigilant Guardian''
(2016) is a heroic cue with a strong theme in unison brass and legato strings. With trumpets, trombones, and upper violins carrying the main tune, French horns underpin the harmony, and ornamental woodwinds are deployed to add colour. Depicting an adventurer's resilience against insurmountable odds, this cue
 has the kind melody that is ideal for licensing as a motion picture or television title theme. 
Full score and parts can be licensed by Stormcues.

Recorded by the Georgian Symphony Orchestra. (2016) Conducted by Baduri Samadashvili.
Music Composed, Orchestrated, and Produced by David Adeyemi. Video edited by David Adeyemi.

Please see contact page for original music soundtrack scoring commissions.

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